The grand tour …

At Palais du Papes, Avignon
At Palais du Papes, Avignon

… well, grand-ish.
In June Chris and I made a journey to England (to visit his brother Bob), Wales (where I spent childhood holidays), France (re-visiting Provence) and Italy (re-visiting Umbria).

Of course a thousand photographs ensued, and here is a selection. They have been waiting weeks for me to edit and caption them, and maybe I will do that soon, but in the meantime …
You can read about the trip in my travel blog.

These images, as well as some from previous travels in Japan and Australia are inspiring my current project.

Hong Kong
UK: London, Pembrokeshire and Snowdonia (Wales), Solihull and Birmingham (Midlands).
France: Orange, Avignon and Uzes (Provence), Nice.
Italy: Milan, Perugia and Montefalco (Umbria), Rome.

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